Our main services

We make our priority clients satisfaction and well-being

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Our rooms

This is the basis but certainly not the only thing you would need.

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Dinner and breakfast included

Take advantage of your visit to also taste Malagasy delicious food.

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Transfer and transportation

We provide transfer from the airport to our Lodge and/or from our Lodge to your desired destination.

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We also organize ride for you to enjoy more of the scenery and discover something else.

There are still more to serve

We do not impose limit to any possible opportunity to discover more about life in Madagascar. If you have an idea, we promise to study it to see how to achieve it. So here are some suggestions.

Look at people

You might ever wondered how people live in Madagascar and wanted to find out their daily life or to share life experiences with them. It's possible to do so.

You come for another purpose

People come for completely different reasons such as making botanical collections or pictures of birds and so on ... and you too can do the same.

There's still much to serve

We adopt a lifestyle that promotes green living while protecting nature through free energies exploitation and other non poluants means and attitude.

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Amazing team

You may wonder who are behind Ecole Lodge. So, take a closer look and know more about it

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Chief Executive Officer

Jonah is also the COO of RAMARTOUR Madagascar; a well-known agency in the field of tourism in Madagascar and also in organizing travel and car rental for your.

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Product Manager

She takes care of everything and aims to ensure that you lack nothing during your stay at Ecole Lodge. She also oversees food preparation and service quality.

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Mbolatiana TSARAFILA


She manages and maintains the collaboration with RAMARTOUR Madagascar which is very important and is a long-time partner for Ecole Lodge.

Let's get closer

See the map below to know where we are

Or contact us directly for another details

Where we are

It is very easy to find us. The map below will help you if that is not the case

Near the airport

Indeed, the trip takes no more than 20 minutes from the airport to the lodge.

Not too far from the capital city

It is also easier to get into town and 40 minutes are usually enough.

Close to the NR4

The trunk road leading to Mahajanga (RN4) is just a few minutes walk. So, it is quite easy to find.

The nature around

Ecole Lodge is in a very quiet area, far away from city noises and in the middle of nature.

Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us. Suggestions but also comments and criticisms are welcome.


Lot II-A 133
Sarimanina MAHITSY
Antananarivo - 105


+261 20 22 487 23


+261 33 02 628 07
+261 32 02 133 68




Full time & all the week.